Why does casual sex not make you a bad person?

Casual sex is growing in popularity. Many women and men use the simplified version in order to be able to have fun without obligation – in other words no strings dating. Opinions about it may vary, but everyone can decide for themselves. After all, non-committal sex is not a pain that you inflict on another person, since none of the parties is in a relationship. At least that’s the point of having fun for two or more when it comes to casual dating. Care was taken to ensure that it was all about having fun and please without any obligations being desired.

Non-binding sex means variety, fun, joy and non-binding. Those who are not in a relationship will find exactly the same desire in their counterpart, so that no one can hurt the other here. This is what should be important for many consumers to learn about casual dating sex apps. However, whoever dedicates himself to this fun thinks that a malicious person emerges from him socially? No, of course not, and why should I? After all, everyone can devote themselves to non-binding fun and can be happy that the fun does not serve to hurt someone. Nobody who is dedicated to casual sex has to be afraid that they might be found bad because who is single can do what he / she always wants. Therefore it is important that nobody feels bad.